Monday, November 10, 2008

New Book on Shakespeare's Sonnets by Michigan Author Jeffrey Caminsky

Jeffrey Caminsky

New Alexandria Press is proud to announce the publication of The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, edited by Michigan author Jeffrey Caminsky. Written largely to help introduce Shakespeare to the beginner, the book also contains background material on Shakespeare’s life and times in Elizabethan England, and the notes and commentary convey the wit and bawdy humor of the greatest writer known to the English Language.

“While everyone acknowledges his greatness,” says Caminsky, a novelist and lawyer from Livonia, Michigan, “he’s a writer that many students try to avoid because of the unfamiliar vocabulary. But he really wrote to a wide range of audiences in his lifetime. What I’ve tried to do is unravel some of the mystery, and let the modern reader discover the artistry that was apparent to the audiences of his day.”

Many modern readers often miss much of the spark that made Shakespeare such an unique and engaging writer. The many changes in our language over the past four hundred years can let much of the richness of his artistry pass unnoticed. And yet Shakespeare wrote not to conceal his meaning under loft-sounding phrases, but to let truth and beauty unfold with gentle grace. And once the reader unravels some of the quaint Elizabethan idioms, the miracle of Shakespeare’s words shine through, fresh and times as the day he wrote them.

The book is Caminsky’s fifth, and the third released this year. He is also the editor of a collection of short stories, and the author of two science-fiction novels and an acclaimed book on soccer officiating. His publishing company, New Alexandria Press was formed in 2006; it is named after the home planet of the hero of his science fiction adventure series. The book is currently available on Amazon. It should be available soon in local bookstores, and is distributed by Baker and Taylor, as well as the Publisher.

Author Jeffrey Caminsky is a lawyer and public prosecutor. A lifelong resident of Michigan, he has worked for the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office since 1980, and is a senior attorney in the appellate department. A veteran soccer official as well, his first book was the widely acclaimed Referee’s Survival Guide, a witty and informative look at soccer officiating. In 2007, he edited and published All Fathers Are Giants, a touching and often humorous collection of short stories looking at life in the ethnic Eastern European community of Detroit in the last century, written by his father, who is also a gifted writer. Recently, he published the opening novels of a four-part science fiction adventure series. The Sirens of Space and The Star Dancers are the first two books in the Guardians of Peace science fiction adventure series; the series was completed nearly fifteen years ago, and the author turned to other pursuits before agreeing to publish them this year.

The Sonnets of William Shakespeare, edited with notes and commentary by Jeffrey Caminsky
Trade Paperback, $17.99
214 pages
New Alexandria Press
Distributed by Amazon, Baker & Taylor, and New Alexandria Press
Hardcover Edition will be available from the publisher, December, 2008

Appearances by Jeffrey Caminsky can be arranged by contacting him directly, (734-716-2420; email: ) or through the publisher. ( ).

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Jeffrey Caminsky

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