Wednesday, November 18, 2009

White Lake Library Gets Books by Local Author

The White Lake Township Public Library received a welcome addition to its library today, when local author Jeffrey Caminsky donated several of his books to add to their collection.

Caminsky, who is in the process of moving to White Lake, presented the library with hardover editions of his two science fiction novels, The Sirens of Space and The Star Dancers, along with his edition of the Sonnets of William Shakespeare.

Caminsky, a retired assistant prosecutor from Wayne County, recently purchased a home in White Lake, and plans to move once rennovations to this new home are complete. His upcoming novel, Clouds of Darkness, will be the third volume in his Guardians of Peace science fiction adventure series, and is scheduled for release later this year. His books are published by New Alexandria Press, a small publishing house located in Michigan, and are availabe online at Amazon, Borders, and Barnes and Noble, as well as selected local bookstores.

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