Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Jeff Caminsky a Winner in Short Story Competition

In its August edition, the Michigan Bar Journal published the short story "Crucible of Justice," written by Jeffrey Caminsky.

The story was entered in the Michigan State Bar's second short story contest. Other winners of the 2009 competition include "The Word of the Day is 'Trust,'", by Michael Kitchen, and "The Shadow from the Wall," by Robert B. Nelson.

Estabslished in 2007, the short story contest is sponsored every other year by the Michigan State Bar. This is the second time that Caminsky has been a winner in the State Bar short story contest. He also won in 2007, with the short story "Crapshoot."

"Crucible of Justice" tells the story of a murder prosecution, seen from the perspective of one of the surviving victims. It was inspired by one of Caminsky's cases as an appellate prosecutor.

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